Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

The global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is putting great stress on both society and business all over the world.

ContextVision places the highest value in the well-being of our employees, clients and partners. We carefully follow guidelines from expert authorities, comply with their recommendations, and take all necessary precautions to minimize our contribution to the spread of the coronavirus.

In this challenging situation we are fortunate to have a business that can remain fully operational and keep our financial situation stable. We are fully staffed; however, as travel and safety restrictions make personal visits impossible, we now handle all customer services remotely.

Our products for ultrasound and X-ray can provide clinicians with valuable support in the detection of the coronavirus. We remain committed in our strive to deliver and to provide our clients with the service they need, so that they in turn can help their customers to improve patient care.

We have great respect for the situation and send our warmest thoughts and empathy to all people suffering from the coronavirus and its consequences. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to the healthcare workers and others making huge efforts to manage the situation.

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