Today’s increasing demands for more powerful processing are addressed, with no compromise on the natural look. Optimized for different clinical applications – such as Women’s Health, General Imaging, Cardiovascular and Point of Care – Rivent offers unparalleled image quality for all types of ultrasound systems.

Introducing our latest innovation

Rivent 3D

Clarity close to reality

Rivent 3D combines the benefits of volumetric processing with unique capabilities to process images powerfully while maintaining a natural appearance. By analyzing data in all dimensions Rivent 3D takes image quality to a level beyond conventional 2D enhancement technology.
“Smooth surfaces with details of high clarity.”
”Well-defined borders and high tissue differentiation.”
Flexible optimization tools for OEMs.
Processed with GOPiCE 2.0
3D/4D image enhancement

GOPiCE® 2.0

Unique technology for volumetric image enhancement in real-time. The product uses information in all dimensions, to make it possible to visualize clinical structures in a way that has never been possible before. GOPiCE 2.0 enhances structures and suppresses noise much more effeciently than in 2D and provides highest image quality in both MPR views and rendered images.
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OEM tuning interface

Allows OEMs to fine tune image parameter files delivered by ContextVision and create and save new parameter files.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced adaptive software continuously analyze every pixel/voxel to optimize the image enhancement in real time.
  • Through intelligent speckle and noise suppression, edges and subtle structures are simultaneously enhanced.
  • Efficient edge enhancement and a highly advanced grayscale contrast module present clear organ and structure boundaries, excellent tissue differentiation and fluid visualization.
  • Effective near- and far-field filtering algorithms provide optimized image quality in both shallow and deep tissues.
I meet up to 30 patients every day and I want to provide the best possible care for all of them. High quality images contain the answers I need for accurate diagnoses and individually tailored treatments.
Peter Jansson, MD Radiology
Praktikertjänst Clinic, Stockholm Sweden