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Processed with Altumira™

Altumira™ / Altumira™ Plus

Altumira™ — AI-powered image enhancement for radiography — a synthesis of our world leading technology and the latest findings within deep learning.
Altumira is designed for all digital radiography systems, from plain X-ray to the most advanced angiography systems as well as veterinary systems.

Altumira provides:
•  Excellent, stable and robust image quality for both static and dynamic imaging
•  Well harmonized intensity levels within dynamic sequences

Addressing all possible variations in exposure conditions, enabling an efficient workflow and a high throughput.

Altumira — From image enhancement to diagnostic confidence
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Processed with GOPView XR2Plus

GOPView XR2Plus

Excellent image quality for all anatomies and projections. GOPView XR2Plus is optimized for all types of X-ray systems for both human and veterinary examinations and highly customizable for preferences on image looks.

Orthopedic Package

The Orthopedic Package addresses the specific requirements for orthopedic imaging, both pre- and postoperative and also facilitates low dose exposures with highest image quality. The extended flexibility enables excellent white bone visibility
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Processed with GOPView iRVUltra
Radiography – Dynamic

GOPView iRVUltra

Excellent noise suppression, edge and contrast enhancement in real time. Outstanding image quality while maintaining patient dose, or, alternatively, preserved image quality using a lower patient dose. Great visibility of clinical structures, and real-time processing without motion artifacts.

Doctor’s Interface – DI

Gives the X-ray manufacturer the possibility to make a user interface for optimization of image quality on each individual X-ray unit.

OEM tuning tool

Gives the X-ray manufacturer the possibility to optimize image quality by creating new parameter files.
Optimal image quality is fundamental to clinical confidence in digital radiography.