Processed with Rivent™

Maximum customization flexibility allows this new ultrasound platform to be tailored to all preferences.
2D Ultrasound

Unparalleled image quality – maximum flexibility

Today’s increasing demands for more powerful processing are addressed, with no compromise on the natural look. Optimized for different clinical applications – such as Women’s Health, General Imaging, Cardiovascular and Point of Care – Rivent offers unparalleled image quality for all types of ultrasound systems.
Powerful processing with no compromise on the natural look
•  Well-defined borders
• Highly efficient noise reduction, enabling smooth, homogenous tissue with enhanced contrast and detail resolution
• Clear tissue differentiation
• Great depth perception
• True, reliable black areas
New API features for
•  Automatic adaption to varying resolution, e.g. line density
•  Optimized image quality in near and far field simultaneously
OEM Tuning Interface – for OEMs to fine-tune image features
•  Allows OEMs to fine-tune image parameter files delivered by ContextVision, and create and save new parameter files.
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Powerful processing with
no compromise on the natural look
Customizable for preferences, 
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Processed with Rivent™
Rivent™ – the 7th generation of image enhancement for 2D ultrasound
Plusview UnprocessedPlusview Unprocessed
Processed with US PLUSView 2.0
2D image enhancement

US PLUSView™ 2.0

Market leading image enhancement solution for 2D ultrasound with unsurpassed image quality. Optimized for different clinical applications such as Women’s Health, General Imaging, Cardiovascular and Point of Care. Modular design which is configurable for an entire range of cart-based and portable systems.
VolarView UnprocessedVolarView Unprocessed
Processed with VolarView™
2D image enhancement

VolarView™ for handheld units

ContextVision’s new product VolarView offers state-of-the-art image enhancement for the handheld ultrasound market segment. VolarView allows for efficient implementation on smart phone and tablet-based systems as well as specially designed compact devices.
Processed with GOPiCE 2.0
3D/4D image enhancement

GOPiCE® 2.0

Unique technology for volumetric image enhancement in real-time. The product uses information in all dimensions, to make it possible to visualize clinical structures in a way that has never been possible before. GOPiCE 2.0 enhances structures and suppresses noise much more effeciently than in 2D and provides highest image quality in both MPR views and rendered images.
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OEM tuning interface

Allows OEMs to fine tune image parameter files delivered by ContextVision and create and save new parameter files.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced adaptive software continuously analyze every pixel/voxel to optimize the image enhancement in real time.
  • Through intelligent speckle and noise suppression, edges and subtle structures are simultaneously enhanced.
  • Efficient edge enhancement and a highly advanced grayscale contrast module present clear organ and structure boundaries, excellent tissue differentiation and fluid visualization.
  • Effective near- and far-field filtering algorithms provide optimized image quality in both shallow and deep tissues.
I meet up to 30 patients every day and I want to provide the best possible care for all of them. High quality images contain the answers I need for accurate diagnoses and individually tailored treatments.
Peter Jansson, MD Radiology
Praktikertjänst Clinic, Stockholm Sweden

The ContextVision image enhancement algorithms allow flexibility to simultaneously optimize all image quality features, resulting in the highest image quality for all applications and clinical situations.