We have a world-class group of research scientists with expertise in image analysis and artificial intelligence technologies. Our team continuously develops new methods and performs feasibility studies to keep abreast of the latest scientific developments and to contribute to research.

The skills of our R&D team, our internal spirit and our collaborations with academic partners are key to developing new cutting-edge technologies, dramatically increasing our sales potential and creating new possibilities in the future.
With three decades of experience in medical imaging, ContextVision continues to set new standards with the versatile GOP® technology at its core. The GOP® technology involves a large set of contextual operations that can easily be cascaded.
ContextVision has made significant investments in artificial intelligence technology over the last decade. Today we have a R&D team with extensive experience and knowledge in the field, and we launched our first AI-based product in 2018.
ContextVision is developing new innovative decision support products for digital pathology, and a research project, SL-DESUTO, was started in 2015 to accomplish this. The project will use unique technology and knowledge within image analysis and AI technology and, based on market demand, will develop a Decision Support Toolbox (DST).