ContextVision Showcases Medical Image Enhancement Products in China

Visit ContextVision at the China International Medical Equipment Fair this week  

BOSTON, Mass. And STOCKHOLM, Sweden – April 15, 2013 – At the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) in Shenzhen this week, ContextVision, software imaging partner for the most recognized medical imaging manufacturers worldwide, will demonstrate its cutting-edge software within ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray and mammography.

With 30 years of experience within medical imaging and more than a decade in the Chinese market, ContextVision has strong relationships with a range of Asian partners, including Chinese OEMs.

Current clinical evidence confirms that volumetric acquisitions with multi-dimensional image enhancement lead to faster and more accurate diagnoses. Professor Anders Selbing MD, Ph.D. of Linköping University Hospital and Karolinska Hospital in Sweden, will accompany ContextVision to CMEF to demonstrate the clinical value of this technology. Dr. Selbing, a 3D/4D ultrasound pioneer, is a senior user of ContextVision’s US PLUSViewTM and GOPiCE® US, the industry’s first ultrasound real-time three-dimensional filtering product.

ContextVision will demonstrate multiple product upgrades in:

  • Ultrasound – US PLUSView and GOPiCE US have been adapted to further hardware solutions providing customers with greater flexibility. The industry’s first ultrasound real-time three-dimensional filtering product enhances 3D ultrasound volumes by filtering images to remove speckle, noise and other artifacts, and simultaneously sharpening diagnostically significant structures.
  • Mammography – GOPView® Mammo, especially valuable for dense breasts, makes it easier for clinicians to quickly discern pathology, eliminating the need for multiple views or follow-up imaging. ContextVision signed three new contracts with mammography companies in Asia last quarter.
  • X-ray – three new add-on modules for GOPView® XR2Plus include Intelligent Exposure Index (EI), which automatically monitors patient exposure, Defect Correct Library (DCL), which corrects for XR panel defects and Doctors Interface (DI) for end-user image control.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging – upgrades to GOPView® MRI2Plus offer compensation for image in homogeneity and an external interface which allows adaption to different end-user preferences.
  • Interventional radiography – the GOPView® iRVUltra new unique temporal filter lessens disturbing noise without temporal blurring for improved vessel and structure conspicuity. Initial studies show that image quality can be maintained while reducing dose levels by up to 50 percent.

“ContextVision has been a loyal partner to Chinese OEMs for years,” said Anita Tollstadius, ContextVision CEO. “We’re proud to supply such a proven product portfolio across all modalities and to offer world leading solutions to the Chinese medical imaging market.”

CMEF Spring 2013 will be held April 17-20 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. To learn more about ContextVision’s collection of medical imaging products or to see a demonstration, visit hall 2 booth M40 in the International Hall.