ContextVision Brings Ultrasound Imaging Enhancement to New Levels at AIUM

Join ContextVision at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine’s annual convention to see the industry’s first ultrasound real-time 3D filtering product in action  

BOSTON, Mass. And STOCKHOLM, Sweden – April 4, 2013 – The imaging industry continues to face challenges with technically difficult patients, while demand for more accurate images continues to rise. ContextVision, software imaging partner for the most recognized medical imaging manufacturers worldwide, will address these trends and demonstrate its 2D/3D/4D ultrasound image enhancement capabilities this week at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM).

 Technically difficult patients make up a large segment of all abdominal scans in the United States. ContextVision will demonstrate two products that specifically focus on technically difficult maternity patients at this year’s conference.

 US PLUSViewTMallows OEMs to provide a full range of ultrasound image enhancement capabilities, including deeper penetration, edge sharpening, contrast enhancement and improved speckle reduction features for technically difficult patients.

 GOPiCE® US (3D/4D) is the industry’s first ultrasound real-time three-dimensional filtering product. Clinical evidence from recent years confirms that volumetric acquisitions with  multi-dimensional image enhancement lead to faster and more accurate diagnoses.GOPiCE US in 3D fetal ultrasound examinations has also clearly demonstrated a superior visualization of subtle fetal brain defects and other anomalies.

 “GOPiCE US and US PLUSViewhave been adapted for a range of hardware solutions, providing customers with greater flexibility, enabling clinicians to see previously unreachable anatomies, with interactive enhancement that does not compromise the overall image,” said Anita Tollstadius, ContextVision CEO. “As a company, we’re constantly pushing ultrasound imaging to create more precise results for our customers with positive clinical results.”

 The 2013 AIUM Annual Convention will be held April 6-10 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City. To learn more about US PLUSView and GOPiCE US (3D/4D) or to see a product demonstration, visit booth 221 at AIUM.