Q2 report 2017

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ContextVision Webcast  Q2 2017
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ContextVision Sees Highest Q2 SalesSTOCKHOLM – Aug. 17, 2017 -  ContextVision reached record-breaking sales in the second quarter 2017. Total sales reached 22,7 MSEK, 24 percent higher than second quarter last year. The progress within digital pathology is on track and a collaboration was initiated with a world-class research team in Uppsala.  ContextVision, a world-leading provider of medical image processing software, saw sales rising in every region. The company experienced particularly strong end-user demand in Asia, where sales increased by 32 percent. “Chinese manufacturers have increased their focus on new technology to deliver higher quality products. As they strive for this higher quality, our products become even more necessary and attractive,” said ContextVision’s CEO, Anita Tollstadius.Sales in Europe increased by six percent and the company saw … Read More »


ContextVision Webcast Q1 2017

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ContextVision Webcast  Q1 2017
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ContextVision: Major breakthroughs in Q1

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – April 27, 2017 –  ContextVision, a world leading provider of medical image processing software, achieved a key milestone within digital pathology and is now ready to enter product development phase.     The total sales during the quarter were 17,3 MSEK, which were 6,3% lower than first quarter the previous year.   “This was in line with our expectations following the very strong fourth quarter last year. We are very fortunate to have a stable and core business that generates a strong cash flow to support aggressive new product development programs,” said ContextVision’s CEO, Anita Tollstadius.

Access to vast amount of samples

In March, ContextVision signed an agreement with ALAB plus, one of Poland’s largest provider of pathology services, which secured exclusive … Read More »


Q4 report, 2016

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ContextVision Webcast Q4 2016
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STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Feb. 23, 2017 –  ContextVision, a world leading provider of medical image processing software, saw record-breaking quarterly sales and is on track to be a leader in image analysis for digital pathology.

Q4 2016 Performance

Sales for the fourth quarter reached a record of 24.9 MSEK. Annual revenue reached 81.9 MSEK, which is the highest annual sales for the second year running. The operating profit in the quarter was 2.9 MSEK (1.1 MSEK) and the operating margin was 11.8 percent (5.9 percent), targeting future growth by supporting research efforts.  “We are very pleased that we are able to generate profit whilst investing significantly into research. The research program is developing very well, positioning the company to become a leading … Read More »


Q3 report, 2016

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ContextVision Webcast Q3 2016
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ContextVision sees strong quarterly growth and breakthroughs within artificial intelligence

ContextVision had a very strong Q3 with sales reaching 20,3 million SEK, which is 19% higher than Q3 2015. ContextVision’s research program within the Deep Learning technology had a major breakthrough and placed second in a prestigious competition.

STOCKHOLM – October 27, 2016 – ContextVision, the world leading provider of medical image processing software, delivered a strong third quarter with strong sales and placed itself as an international top-level company in applying artificial intelligence to image analysis. During the third quarter ContextVision embarked on an official challenge to evaluate the tumor proliferation rate in breast cancer by applying deep learning technology to samples provided by the Tumor Proliferation Assessment Challenge (TUPAC) 2016 within the MICCAI. Participating teams were … Read More »


Q2 report, 2016

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ContextVision Webcast Q2 2016
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to find the Q2 webcast by CEO Anita Tollstadius

Global Experts Join ContextVision’s Mission to Revolutionize Digital Pathology

ContextVision continues to increases its focus on deep learning, the latest artificial intelligence technology and a billion dollar market. World-renowned experts within deep learning and pathology are on board, a patent has been filed, deep learning is applied on a range of projects and the company fortifies its leading position within digital pathology. Also, the core business continues to deliver stable sales.

STOCKHOLM – August 18, 2016 – ContextVision, a world leading provider of medical image processing software, has increased its research activities within deep learning, the fastest growing area of machine learning, in support of digital pathology.

“Deep learning is a game-changer for both ContextVision and the market for image and data analysis. We have created an international advisory … Read More »