Q1 report, 2015

Sales growth and improved margins for ContextVision

ContextVision AB (OSE: COV), the medical imaging software company, today announced its first quarter 2015 results. The Company’s had its best quarter in more than two years in terms of sales, and the operating margin bounced back into double digits after a relatively weak fourth quarter.

ContextVision’s sales in the first quarter were SEK 18.4 million, compared to SEK 17.6 million in the same period last year. Operating profit ended at SEK 1.9 million in the first quarter, against SEK 1.8 million last year. ContextVision’s net profit was SEK 1.5 million, which is the same as last year.

ContextVision provides specialty software to a variety of medical imaging technologies, such as ultrasound, x-ray and MRI. Approximately 70 per cent of the Company’s sales are now in the ultrasound segment, which is the fastest growing modality in the industry. ContextVision is the technology frontrunner in software for enhancement and analysis of 3D ultrasound, the most sophisticated ultrasound category, opening new possibilities for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

During the first quarter, ContextVision was awarded contracts with another three of the industry majors in the medical imaging industry. The contracts are expected to start generate revenue towards the end of 2015. R&D efforts were intensified in the quarter, in order to develop the next generation software for enhancement and analysis of medical images.

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A video presentation by CEO Anita Tollstadius will follow on April 24:th.

Please follow the link: webbtv.nu/contextvisionq12015

For further information, please contact ContextVision’s CEO, Anita Tollstadius, telephone +46 70 337 3026