VolarView featured in Radiology Today

Keith Loira writes about the rapidly growing market for handheld ultrasound devices in the June edition of Radiology Today. In this article Ann-Sofi Hoff, marketing and product manager at ContextVision, gives her view on how small ultrasound devices can be of great benefit to both clinicians and their patients.

“With small ultrasound devices, examinations can be done closer to the patients and with earlier exams and faster diagnosis, which will decrease costs,” says Ann-Sofi Hoff, marketing and product manager at ContextVision. “The use of ultrasound for guidance can lead to significant cost savings in several ways, including reduction of procedure-related complications, shorter procedure times, reduced length of hospital stays, and increased use of minimally invasive procedures in less expensive outpatient settings.”

Ann-Sofi Hoff also explains that ContextVision’s ultrasound imaging experience has resulted in a new image enhancement application – VolarView – designed for the handheld market.

“To meet the need for high image quality on the handheld ultrasound devices, we have developed and released an image enhancement product dedicated for this market – VolarView – which uses ContextVision’s […] intelligent image enhancement and is designed for efficient implementation on all types of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablet-based-systems.”


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