Successful exhibition for ContextVision at CMEF in China

Duan Yuhui, Sales Manager China and Jan Erik Hedborg, CEO representing ContextVision at CMEF 2010

In April 18–21 ContextVision attended for the seventh consecutive year the exhibition CMEF (China international Medical Equipment Fair) in Shenzhen, China.

We had many visitors in our booth showing a great interest in our products GOPView® XR2 (General Image Enhancement with dose reduction), GOPView® USXi (ultra-fast, real-time image enhancement for demanding ultrasound applications) and GOPView® MRI2 (State of the art image enhancement for MRI sequences’).

The Chinese market is very dynamic with many opportunities. With our extensive experience and know-how within medical imaging, ContextVision bring a great value to many new companies.

For more information please contact Mr. Duan Yuhui, tel +86-139-1165 0087


GOPView® XR2 (pdf)
GOPView® USXi (pdf)
GOPView® MRI2 (pdf)