New GPU-Platform for Ultrasound Image Processing

Newhigh-speed platform on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) offers dramaticincrease in computational power for Ultrasound image processing framerates
BOSTON, MA and STOCKHOLM, Sweden – November 28, 2007:ContextVision, software imaging partner for the most recognized medicalimaging manufacturers worldwide, today announced a new-generationplatform for ultrasound image processing. The GOPView® USXi on GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) is enabling advanced high-speedcomputational power to increase real-time image processing frame ratesin ultrasound imaging. The new product is showcased at the ongoingRadiology Society of North America in Chicago, and has drawn muchattention from the medical imaging manufacturers.

GOPView USXi on GPU is based on ContextVision’s existing product lines thatcurrently run on PC CPU’s and DSP (Digital Signal Processor). With thenew compatibility for using GPU’s for image processing, manufacturers will be able to free up CPU and system resources for other purposes. Inaddition, manufacturers can benefit from leading technology from thegaming industry, with powerful processors and an optimalprice/performance ratio. The new product allows ultrasound equipmentmanufacturers to use an extremely powerful tool (GPU) for unprecedentedreal-time high-speed image processing and provide their customers withimproved image quality. The new GPU platform also allows for additionalfuture applications such as 3D enhancement, 3D rendering and othervalue added features.

“GOPView USXi on GPU represents the lateststep in our ultrasound mantra, ‘Continually providing industry withtechnology for improved image quality’. Increases in speed allow forincreases in image quality,” said Jan Erik Hedborg, CEO ofContextVison. “The GOPView USXi on GPU is our future-proof platform foroptional image processing extensions as well as improvedcompetitiveness for the manufacturers.”

To date, seventeenultrasound manufacturers, including worldwide leaders in ultrasoundtechnology, are buying ContextVision’s software for real-time specklereduction and image enhancement.


GOPView US reduces noise and speckle in real-time, while also achieving finestructural and edge enhancement. Additionally, it offers clinical andergonomic advantages, such as higher diagnostic confidence andreduction of eye fatigue. GOPView US works on all imaging modes,including Color/Doppler and 3D/4D imaging.


ContextVisionis the leading independent developer in medical imaging enhancement,analysis and processing technologies, serving leading OEMs anddistributors for over 20 years. ContextVision’s GOP algorithm allowsunprecedented image quality to be achieved by simultaneously enhancingfine structure while reducing noise and speckle across MRI, X-Ray,Ultrasound and CT image data. ContextVision’s technology enables thecompany’s customers to provide superior digital imaging quality forhospitals and clinicians. Such solutions promise more rapid andaccurate diagnoses, reduced operator eye fatigue, and ultimately, agreater return on investment for medical imaging users. ContextVision’sembedded imaging software is relied upon daily by thousands of usersaround the globe. For more information, please visit

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