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GOPiCE® REALiCE® 3D/4D visualization – Views never before seen

ContextVision’s sophisticated ultrasound portfolio opens up new dimensions for image enhancement – and new possibilities for women’s health. Delivering the highest possible image quality, in both 2D and 3D, it allows clinicians to make faster, more accurate diagnoses with a higher degree of confidence.

See for yourself how ContextVision’s image enhancement solutions meet the demands of tomorrow’s healthcare! Visit us at the ISUOG World Congress 2015 in Montréal to experience our ultrasound imaging first-hand.


GOPiCE® 2.0

The second generation of our revolutionary 3D/4D image enhancement software, with unrivalled ultrasound image quality and clarity.

  • Unique volumetric filtering that analyzes and enhances ultrasound data in every dimension
  • Optimization for different visualization techniques
  • Intelligent near- and far-field processing
REALiCE® with GOPiCE 2.0

Visualization as never seen before, with true-to-data rendering technology providing unique views of anatomies.

  • Superb visualization capabilities and exceptional image results
  • Delivers photo-like images and supports early fetal diagnosis
  • Provides a variety of views: photographic, surface rendering, skeletal, depth color coding

Our world-leading 2D image enhancement, compatible with any ultrasound system.

  • New advanced temporal filter featuring motion compensation
  • Superior image quality, regardless of machine/application

Seeing is believing / ISUOG 2015 / Booth #221 / October 11 – 14


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