In-depth interview reveals ContextVision’s pole position within AI and deep learning

Healthcare is faced with huge – and growing – challenges, many of which are associated with the aging population. There are more and more patients with chronic disease to provide care for, including a number of diseases – such as cancer – where new treatment approaches can significantly prolong survival. Against this background, ContextVision sees a great potential in new technology to supply healthcare providers with innovative products; by helping them improve both accuracy and efficiency they will ultimately be better equipped to address the challenges with which they are faced.

In 2015 ContextVision announced a major development initiative to enter the field of deep learning, with the objective of developing powerful AI-based algorithms with direct clinical applications. This year we are eager to take our research into a second phase, as we plan to move several feasibility studies into defined product development projects.

”Most companies in the medical imaging field are only just beginning to catch up with this opportunity to develop new products. We’re proud that ContextVision has stayed ahead of the game,” says Anita Tollstadius, CEO of ContextVision.

The March issue of Diagnostic Imaging Europe features an interview with CEO Anita Tollstadius and CTO Martin Hedlund, focusing on the program as well as the principles and technology behind artificial intelligence in general. It also provides an introduction to the powerful benefits which ContextVision foresees that AI will bring to different applications within the field of medical imaging.

Read the article ”Machine Learning in Radiology” here DIEurope+March+2017.