Frost & Sullivan Award to ContextVision

LONDON – 18 September, 2007 – The 2007 Frost & Sullivan GlobalEnabling Technology of the Year Award in the image enhancement markethas been presented to Sweden-based ContextVision for its cutting-edge GOPView™ XR2-ADi. With the launch of this product, ContextVision hasextended the scope and impact of its unique GOP methodology. Inaddition, the new capabilities enabled by this adaptive imageenhancement system open new opportunities in the saturated X-ray market.

“GOPView™XR2-ADi boasts several added functionalities and improved capabilitiesin comparison to competing products, such as automatic dataidentification, optimum image density, clearer detail of smallstructures and, most importantly, exceptionally low noise,” says Frost& Sullivan Research Analyst Ranjit Ravindranathan. “This is likelyto encourage the rapid acceptance of this solution by both the clinicaland radiological community.”

This new technology supports rapid,high-quality imaging, thereby reducing both the need for retakes andpatient exposure to radiation. It also reduces equipment usage, henceincreasing equipment life. The ADi algorithm also minimises the“burn-through” effect that often occurs during imaging of soft tissuein digital X-rays, lessening the need for additional windowing andleveling of images. The problems of density variations are alsoefficiently handled with this new technology.

“GOPView™ XR2-ADican be delivered with specific settings and can be optimized forspecific anatomies,” adds Mr. Ravindranathan. “It offers physicians andradiologists quick and clear acquisition results with its provision offunctional real-time information of the anatomy.”

The ability toprovide such fundamental patient diagnostic profiling simply andrapidly will boost adoption by OEM manufacturers’ systems integrators.With GOPView™ XR2-ADi, ContextVision has effectively addressed thepressing need for a technology offering reduced noise, improvedcontrast enhancement with dynamic range compression and lower radiationdose. This has, in turn, promoted the availability of clinically moreeffective and safer diagnostic equipment.

“Its potential can begauged by the fact that several major OEMs have accepted thistechnology and have incorporated it into their offerings,” concludesMr. Ravindranathan. “The GOPView™ XR2-ADi’s extensive capabilities willbenefit the entire imaging market, as well as confer considerablemarket advantage on ContextVision.”

The Frost & SullivanEnabling Technology of the Year Award is presented to a company thathas developed a technology that can benefit or revolutionize theindustry. The Award recipient has developed a solution that removes asignificant stumbling block in the development of technology.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a varietyof regional and global markets for demonstrating outstandingachievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership,technological innovation, customer service, and strategic productdevelopment. Industry analysts compare market participants and measureperformance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensivesecondary research in order to identify best practices in the industry.

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