Exciting quarter and strong demand going forward

The quarter saw a very strong progress with a revenue of 27,2MSEK (20,3) and an EBITDA of 9,2MSEK (9,8).

“It has been an exciting quarter where we have been able to establish the new organization and fully focus on Medical Imaging business. During the quarter we signed both new customers as well as extended several current customers to include our state-of-the-art products Altumira and Rivent” – Ola Lindblad, acting CEO of ContextVision.

“We see strong demand”
Because of an increased demand from the overall market, we have released two new ultrasound products to extend the Rivent product family. A new 3D solution and a mobile solution aimed at the fast-growing handheld market. The feedback so far from the market has been very positive.

“With the shift in focus, the strong financials and the solid customer base we are off to a great start. We see strong demand going forward and we are looking forward to the rest of the year” – says Lindblad.

“Will give us a boost”
As of February 2022, the de-merger of Infiy Laboratories was finalized, which enables ContextVision to fully focus on the Company’s core business, a world leading medical imaging technology.

“Being able to focus 100 percent on our core business will give us a boost. I already see the results in this first quarter” – says Lindblad.


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