Visit ContextVision at ECR 2019 to see the latest in image enhancement

At ECR 2019 ContextVision presents Altumira™, AI-powered image enhancement for digital radiography. Additionally, booth visitors can experience demonstrations of its wide range of leading imaging enhancement software for 2D/3D/4D ultrasound and radiography. The company has made significant upgrades to its product portfolio and continues to invest in technology to drive innovations in intelligent imaging software.
Seeing is believing — drop by booth 111 (Expo X1) for a personal demonstration of our new exciting developments in image enhancement.


Our next-generation image enhancement platform for digital radiography. With the integration of deep learning technology, ContextVision takes image enhancement to new levels. Altumira is designed for all digital radiography systems,from plain X-ray to angiography systems.

Ultrasound 2D/3D/4D 

We will also showcase our full suite of ultrasound products, from handheld devices to the most advanced 3D/4D applications — for superior image quality in all types of ultrasound systems. 
ContextVision is dedicated to ensure the highest image quality within multiple modalities. Image quality continues to be of utmost importance for our customers, and we continue to innovate and develop products to enhance the clinical value of ultrasound and radiography.
Fredrik Palm
Vice president, ContextVision
VIP demonstrations of Altumira™, as as well as ContextVision’s other cutting-edge solutions, will occur at booth 111 in Expo X1 at ECR 2019. To schedule a VIP presentation, please find contacts at To learn more about ContextVision’s image enhancement software, visit