Mandatory notification of trade – primary insider

Gerald Pötzsch, CEO of ContextVision, has between May 8th and May 10th, 2024, purchased 10.000 shares in ContextVision AB at an average price of NOK 6,02 per share. After the transaction, Mr. Pötzsch holds a total of 35.000 shares in ContextVision AB.

With reference to Section 4-2 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act (“STA”), kindly note the following primary insider share transaction:

Name of listed entity: ContextVision AB
ISIN number: SE0014731154
Stock ticker: CONTX
Name of primary insider: Gerald Pötzsch
Relation to listed entity: CEO
Trade: 10.000 shares
Date: 10.05.2024
Average purchase price: NOK 6,02 per share
Primary insider’s total shareholdings post-purchase: 35.000 shares
Primary insider’s percentage shareholding post-purchase: 0,05%

Richard Hallström, CFO of ContextVision, has May 8th, 2024, purchased 25.000 shares in ContextVision AB at an average price of NOK 6,30 per share. After the transaction, Mr. Hallström holds a total of 25.000 shares in ContextVision AB.

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About ContextVision

ContextVision is a medical technology software company specialized in image analysis and artificial intelligence. As the global market leader within image enhancement, we are a trusted partner to leading manufacturers of ultrasound, X-ray and MRI equipment around the world. Our expertise is to develop powerful software products, based on proprietary technology and artificial intelligence for image-based applications. Our cutting-edge technology helps clinicians accurately interpret medical images, a crucial foundation for better diagnosis and treatment. The company, established in 1983, is based in Sweden with local representation in the U.S., Japan, China and Korea. ContextVision is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker CONTX.