ContextVision – Mandatory notification of trade – primary insider

STOCKHOLM – August 11 2022 – Markus Hökerberg, CFO of ContextVision, has on August 11th, 2022 purchased 7,000 shares in ContextVision AB at an average price of NOK 9.80 per share. After the transaction, Mr Hökerberg holds a total of 16,562 shares in ContextVision AB.

With reference to Section 4-2 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act (“STA”), kindly note the following primary insider share transaction:

Name of listed entity: ContextVision AB
ISIN number: SE0014731154
Stock ticker: CONTX
Name of primary insider: Markus Hökerberg
Relation to listed entity: CFO
Trade: 7,000 shares
Date: 11.08.2022
Average purchase price: NOK 9.80 per share
Primary insider’s total shareholdings post-purchase: 16,562 shares
Primary insider’s percentage shareholding post-purchase: 0.02%