ContextVision Launches New Tuning Tool

Manufacturers can customize images based on specific customer requirements and preferences

CHICAGO, Illinois and BOSTON, Mass. and STOCKHOLM, Sweden – November 28, 2010 – At RSNA today, ContextVision, the software imaging partner for the most recognized medical imaging manufacturers worldwide, introduced its GOPView® XR2-T Tuning Family for X-ray image enhancement. These advanced tuning products provide unprecedented tuning flexibility and image processing capabilities.

ContextVision’s advanced tuning products suit a range of user experience levels, from the new to the seasoned user:

  • GOPView XR2-ST (standard tuning interface): Offers easy and intuitive controls for users to quickly and easily evaluate and modify images.
  • GOPView XR2-AT (advanced tuning interface): Gives OEMs complete control over key image processing parameters, including noise reduction, contrast enhancement, border identification and manipulation, object detection, and latitude compression.

“Our technology puts fine-tuning capabilities in the hands of our OEM customers,” commented Don Barry PhD, manager of ContextVision’s extensive X-ray product line. “Rather than sending image files off-site for advanced image processing, the XR2-T family enables the OEM to accomplish immediate customization based on end-customer preference, shortening the diagnostic evaluation period and increasing patient throughput.”

The GOPView XR2-T Tuning Family allows equipment manufacturers to incorporate fine-tuning directly into their capabilities, allowing for maximum customization with the GOPView XR2Plus image processing product. This level of sophistication allows OEMs to meet clinician needs for adapting image processing for regional preferences or different screen characteristics.

The advanced tuning tools make it easy to adjust the visualization parameters in the GOPView XR2-T software family with a simple point-and-click procedure. All results of the image adjustments are displayed as images on the monitor. Once the specific image quality is achieved, new filter settings are automatically produced, saved and entered into GOPView XR2-T software.

Like all ContextVision products, the GOPView XR2-T Tuning Family relies on the proprietary algorithm, GOP®, which mimics the human eye’s method of finding information and analyzing structures. This enables the software to distinguish between true and false information (e.g. noise, artifacts) and accurately identify true structures. At RSNA, visit Hall B, Booth 7544 to see a product demonstration.

About ContextVision
ContextVision is the leading independent developer in medical imaging enhancement, analysis and processing technologies, serving leading OEMs and distributors for over 25 years. ContextVision’s embedded imaging software is relied upon daily by thousands of users around the globe. ContextVision’s patented GOP algorithm allows unprecedented image quality to be achieved by simultaneously enhancing fine structure while reducing noise and speckle across MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT, and IR. ContextVision’s technology enables the company’s customers to provide superior digital imaging quality to hospitals and clinicians. Such solutions promise more rapid and accurate diagnoses, reduced operator eye fatigue, and ultimately, a greater return-on-investment for medical imaging users. For more information, please visit


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