ContextVision Exhibits Collaborative Research on 3D Adaptive Filtering

Research findings to be displayed at the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference, February 21-26

Stockholm, Sweden – February 18, 2015 At the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference this week, ContextVision, the leading provider of medical image processing software, will exhibit new results from research conducted in collaboration with Texas Instruments and High Performance Consulting. Björn Norell, research scientist at ContextVision, will be at the conference to discuss 3D adaptive filtering for improved image quality on portable medical devices.

Adaptive filtering is a context-based technology for noise reduction and feature enhancement. Unlike other methods, it first evaluates the contents of the image in the neighborhood of every point before deciding what combination of filtering techniques is best applicable for optimal image quality. This thorough analysis of the contents of the image makes it highly compute intensive, and new research shows new potential.

“By designing innovative algorithms, selecting state-of-the-art hardware platforms and corresponding High Performance Computing techniques, this research shows it’s possible to achieve with portable devices the image quality that was once only available on golden reference workstations,” said Norell. “The growing interest in handheld devices in the Point Of Care concept speaks to the importance of this research and the value portability brings to the industry.”

“The medical imaging industry is currently experiencing an increase in demand for handheld imaging devices, such as tablets,” said Olivier Bockenbach, the design architect and Senior Systems Engineer at ContextVision. “In order to operate on these devices, traditional approaches for image processing don’t translate well. As such, to meet this demand and achieve the required footprint for the software, the core of the algorithms must use leading-edge mathematical models.”

The SPIE Medical Imaging Conference brings together leading industry influencers to showcase the latest innovations across a wide range of technologies. It’s where the latest information in cutting-edge fields is presented, including digital pathology; tomography; image processing, perception, registration, informatics, and segmentation; computer-aided diagnosis; and ultrasound.

About ContextVision

ContextVision’s technology provides doctors with improved images, which are crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment. ContextVision is the industry leader in medical imaging analysis and enhancement software, with more than 150,000 installations worldwide through its OEM customers. The company started out as an industry pioneer more than 30 years ago, and is today developing the next generation of medical imaging software for 2D/3D/4D ultrasound, MRI, X-Ray, mammography and CT. ContextVision is based in Sweden and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker COV. For more information, please visit