ContextVision Enters Interventional Radiology Market

GOPView® iRVPlus is the first commercially-available product to enable image enhancement and dose reduction

BOSTON, Mass. and CHICAGO, Illinois and STOCKHOLM, Sweden – November 30, 2008 – At RSNA today, ContextVision, the software imaging partner for the most recognized medical imaging manufacturers worldwide, will introduce GOPView® iRVPlus, a new image enhancement and dose reduction software package for interventional radiology.

Clinical teams rely on this type of tool during fluoroscopy procedures, such as angioplasty or stent replacement, during which real-time images are used to guide catheters to the target location. GOPView iRVPlus relies on a continuous adaptive filtration method to analyze every pixel in an image, giving every structure in the image the same level of analysis. This rotationally invariant process guarantees that all objects, independent of position and orientation, receive the highest level of image enhancement possible. This eliminates the risk of critical information being overlooked during a procedure, leading to higher clinical value.

“GOPView iRVPlus is an important addition to our image enhancement arsenal,” said Don Barry, Ph.D, GOPView iRVPlus product manager. “This tool enables image enhancement at a level never before achieved in interventional radiology, enabling a dose reduction of more than one third, which minimizes both patient and medical staff exposure during a procedure, without any compromise in image quality or diagnostic value.”

Like all ContextVision products, iRVPlus relies on a proprietary algorithm, GOP, which simultaneously enhances all structures and reduces noise. This anisotropic filtration method enhances image quality of all textures so that more details can be seen while introducing less blur. Additionally, an extensive and growing library of adaptive filters fine-tunes images.