ContextVision Debuts New GOPView® Mammo2 Features at RSNA

GOPView® Mammo2 provides superior digital mammography image quality

BOSTON, Mass. and STOCKHOLM, Sweden – November 21, 2013 – At RSNA, ContextVision will introduce new GOPView® Mammo2 features, providing superior digital mammography image quality software for the most recognized medical imaging manufacturers worldwide. Using ContextVision’s GOP® technology in combination with optimized mammography algorithms, GOPView Mammo2 makes it easier for clinicians to quickly diagnose patients. The advanced imaging proves especially valuable in dense tissue with excellent contrast giving a sense of depth, promising more rapid and accurate diagnoses, and ultimately, a greater return-on-investment for medical imaging users worldwide.

GOPView Mammo2, the latest upgrade to ContextVision’s mammography product line, includes several new features that will significantly improve clinicians’ abilities to properly diagnose patients. These features include:

  • Great contrast within the parenchyma which provides efficient visibility of lesions and subtle structures;
  • Efficient noise suppression balanced with a strengthening of edges and fine structures all the way out to the skin line;
  • New segmentation that provides clear and natural skin line and mammilla;
  • Optimized display adapted for each image; and,
  • Optimized contrast between pectoral muscle, fat and parenchyma.

“Mammography is a very demanding modality. Our success comes from our unmatched algorithm expertise and our team’s ability to customize and optimize the algorithms to make it easier for clinicians to quickly discern pathology,” said Anita Tollstadius, ContextVision CEO. “The beauty of this product is its flexibility which allows image adjustments based on regional preferences. Globally, this software will be very useful as the breast mass characteristics vary between ethnic groups and countries.”

RSNA, the 99th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, will be held December 1-6 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. To learn more about ContextVision’s collection of image enhancement software or to see a GOPView Mammo2 demonstration, visit booth #7010 in North Building, Hall B at RSNA.

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