Annual report 2022 – record sales with full focus on growing the core business

STOCKHOLM – March 30th, 2023 – ContextVision, a medical technology software company specializing in image processing and image analysis, today presents their Annual Report for 2022.

The Annual Report gives additional information about the record year, where net sales increased by 20% compared to 2021, and EBITDA ended at 49 MSEK or 42%. 2022 was also a unique year in the company’s history, due to the spin-off of Inify Laboratories AB to the shareholders. Since February 2022, previously split costs are fully allocated to the remaining core business within medical imaging. With solid financials in the core business and a growth plan in place to maintain growth above market, the board of directors is proposing a dividend of 0.30 SEK/share for the financial year 2022.

Printed copies of the report will be distributed upon request by e-mail:


ContextVision Annual report 2022 

Remuneration report 2022


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