ContextVision provides GOP® technology adapted for real-time ultrasound imaging, designed to meet the demand for top of the line image quality in 2D as well as in 3D/4D. We achieve optimal image quality by combining adaptive enhancement of fine structures and edges with efficient reduction of speckle and noise. The ability to highlight specific anatomical features for additional visualization, without affecting the overall image quality, immediately enables clinicians to make more accurate diagnoses.

ContextVision’s newest endeavour is the development of an enabling technology, clinical Directed Focused Enhancement (DFE), which allows our customers to modify specific areas and features of clinical images in order to achieve optimal diagnostic quality.

The US PLUSView Family of Ultrasound Products is ContextVision’s newest and most technologically advanced image enhancement product for ultrasound systems.

US PLUSView™ is a world leading image enhancement software that enables OEMs to deliver a new level of image quality within ultrasound. The software contains a number of unique features, such as Adaptive Temporal and Spatial Filtering, DFE and Penetration Mode Image. As it is completely compatible with all modern technical platforms, performance is maximized.

The software is delivered together with an External Tuning UI, allowing extensive Image Feature optimization by individually designing unique parameter files for each probe and sequence.

GOPiCE® US is the first independent real-time image enhancement software for volumetric ultrasound images. By filtering the images to remove speckle, noise and other artifacts while sharpening diagnostically significant structures, a whole new level of image quality is achieved. With this software, clinicians are given greatly improved visual access to particularly tricky areas, such as regions of the fetal brain which are often hidden by speckle and noise. The software is completely adaptable to modern software-based ultrasound systems.

  • Image homogenization
  • Outlining the organ boundaries
  • Definition and depiction of fine details
  • Increased speckle and noise reduction with preserved image quality
  • High resolution image enhancement
The software is delivered together with an External Tuning UI which gives the possibility for extensive Image Feature optimization by designing unique parameter files for each probe and sequence individually.