GOPView iRVUltra

Excellent noise suppression, edge and contrast enhancement in real time. Outstanding image quality while maintaining patient dose, or, alternatively, preserved image quality using a lower patient dose. Great visibility of clinical structures, and real-time processing without motion artifacts.

Features & Benefits

  • Sophisticated adaptive algorithms continously analyze every pixel to optimize filtering and enhancement in real-time (> 30 fps, 1k × 1k images).
  • Intelligent noise suppression and simultaneous enhancement of small structures enable clear visualization of subtle pathology, stents and catheter tips.
  • The advanced temporal filter with motion compensation reduces noise without temporal blurring or artifacts.
  • Advanced grayscale optimization allows for greater visualization of dense and soft tissue in the same image.
  • Efficient contrast and edge enhancement enables clear conspicuity of vessels and small clinical structures.
  • Dose levels can be significantly lowered with maintained high image quality.

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