ContextVision podcast

In this episode, ContextVision's product manager Kristian Eurén explains the first of INIFY® Prostate Screening's superpowers: FAST. Subscribe for more insights into the superpowers of INIFY.

00:46 Pre-processed, pre-analyzed slides speed up workflow
01:15 The viewer’s time-saving features
01:43 Smart annotation tools
02:05 Pre-sorted slides
02:23 Synchronized IHC slides and HE slides
02:36 Can pathologists correct the results?
03:07 Developed in sync with pathologists
03:32 Feedback from users
04:49 More about INIFY®

Podcast: How is AI revolutionizing digital pathology?

ContextVision just launched the company's first CE marked digital pathology product based on artificial intelligence. In this podcast the company’s CEO Fredrik Palm and Dr. Filippo Fraggetta, the chief pathologist at the Cannizzaro Hospital, will talk about the revolution we are approaching within digital pathology.