ContextVision in scientific collaboration with Karolinska Institute

Stockholm, June 26. ContextVision today announced that they have initiated collaboration with the Division of Clinical Geriatrics at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS), Karolinska Institute to develop new tools within Medical imaging. The collaboration will focus on the development of diagnostic decision support functions linked to MRI imaging in order to help radiologists improve diagnosis for Alzheimer´s disease and other dementia.

The prevalence of Alzheimer´s disease is growing dramatically and it is very important to supply better tools to ensure a correct diagnosis. We have had focus on this for 10 years and published over 100 papers, says Professor Lars-Olof Wahlund.

The first project focuses on developing an accurate method for diagnosis and follow-up of Alzheimer´s Disease. This project is partly funded by the Swedish government and will be the first step to evaluate the potential for developing a decision support tool based on previous academic research performed by the team at Karolinska Institute.

We are excited to start the collaboration with this highly respected team. The first project is on a research basis but the ultimate goal is of course to develop products that can be commercially available to help clinicians make their diagnostic decisions, says Anita Tollstadius, CEO.

Division of Clinical Geriatrics

The Division of Clinical Geriatrics performs research and education for medical students. The research is in close cooperation with institutions and clinics all over the world. We have a research focus on dementia disorder, mainly Alzheimer´s disease. The division cooperates with outpatient memory clinic at Karolinska university hospital, Huddinge. The division has the responsibility for clinical trials aiming at development anti-dementia medicine. At the division we also perform research on stroke and stroke rehabilitation and clinical pharmacology. The research at the division is multidisciplinary and includes research in a number of specialties such as psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

About ContextVision

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