ContextVision – Annual General Meeting

On the 9th of May 2018, ContextVision held its ordinary Shareholders’ Annual General Meeting in Stockholm.


  • The annual financial report regarding 2017 was presented, and approved by the AGM.
  • Disposition of financial results according to the proposal of the Board of Directors was approved.
  • The Managing Director and the Board of Directors were discharged from liability.
  • Board compensation was decided according to the following:
    • The chairman of the board will be paid SEK 300.000 for the period until next AGM.
    • Other members of the board, whom are not also main shareholders, will be paid SEK 200.000 for the period until next AGM.
  • The audit fee will be based on current account.
  • Erik Danielsen, Martin Hedlund, Karin Bernadotte and Sven Günther-Hanssen were reelected as board members.
  • No deputy members were elected.
  • Ernst & Young were reelected as auditor for the coming year, with acting auditor Andreas Troberg.
  • No other matters were processed at the meeting.


For further information, please contact:
Ann-Charlotte Linderoth (CFO)
tel +46 (0)8 7503550, e-mail


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