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We want to add to that strength by employing talented individuals who are willing to work for a leading company dedicated to medical imaging and innovative technologies. In return, we will encourage you to develop and manage your career with us, in a stimulating and international environment.

Katarina Flood

Application engineer, Medical Imaging
Katarina Flood is an Application Engineer. This means that she keeps track of everything from technical details to creating good customer relationships. She is the link between the sales team and the development department.

“The variety is the best part of my job. Everything from sitting and really getting down into the nitty gritty of the details to find the best solution for the customer, to attending meetings and trade shows to meet customers. Having the opportunity to work so broadly is incredibly fun,” says Katarina.

Katarina has been at ContextVision since 2003. Over the years she has had the opportunity to work for extended periods at the company’s offices in the US and China, and has traveled all over the world.

She feels that being on site and learning about new cultures and really understanding the market has been exciting.

“We’re a rather small gang, but the effects of our products make a real difference for many people all over the world. The feeling that we work with something valuable unites those of us working at ContextVision,” says Katarina.

She believes that to enjoy working as an applications engineer, it is important to be social, creative and a self-starter. ContextVision is a workplace full of ambitious and passionate people. There are plenty of discussions, accompanied by great camaraderie and with a clear common target toward which everyone is working.

Kristian Eurén

Product Manager Digital Pathology
With one foot in pathology and the other in software development. Biologist Kristian Eurén, Product Manager in the Digital Pathology Business unit, is at this intersection.

“I was the first employee hired in the Digital Pathology Business unit. Today, three years later, we have become a boisterous gang of about ten different nationalities and a variety of different occupational backgrounds,” says Kristian.

Kristian Eurén is the only biologist at the company. And his background is uncommon at a software company. But the fact is that he has spent his entire professional life working on biological images. For a biologist, the microscope is the main tool. And for the pathologist, much of the work involves examining tissue samples. They have much in common.

Kristian describes the atmosphere at the company as unpretentious, positive and dynamic. He is deeply involved in product development and at the same time has an eye on the future and the work of designing the most interesting products in the field.

“The pace here is extremely high. Everyone sees the importance of teamwork and that we are all equally important if we are to successfully achieve our goals. This incredibly inclusive and positive atmosphere is a key factor for our success. It’s such an inspiring environment,” says Kristian.

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