Research & Development

Ever since ContextVision started out in 1983, we have set the standard for image analysis. We have been the leaders in image enhancement for almost 30 years, and we intend to extend that leadership into medical imaging applications of the latest technologies within machine learning. We have therefore significantly increased our investments into R&D over the last few years. We will use our proprietary technologies and artificial intelligence to take a stronger position within pattern recognition and to develop new innovative products.

We have a world-class group of research scientists with expertise in image analysis and artificial intelligence technologies, most with PhDs in this field. Our team continuously develops new methods and performs feasibility studies to keep abreast of the latest scientific developments and to contribute to research.

We have a good track record for turning new technology into validate and trustworthy products. Our team has a long experience from implementing various applications on different hardware processing platforms, like CPU, GPU and iOS. With our image processing software platform, it is easy to add new types of hardware to the product portfolio as requested by customers.

The skills within our R&D team, our internal spirit and our collaborations with academic partners are key to developing new cutting-edge technologies and stands for new possibilities in the future and increase our sales potential dramatically.

  • We are in short uniquely equipped for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in the medical imaging field.