The GOP Technology

With three decades of experience within medical imaging, ContextVision continues to set new standards with the versatile GOP® technology as its core.
The GOP® technology involves a large set of contextual operations that can easily be cascaded. These contextual operations are based on consistent information representation computed from the image. The GOP® representation is divided into a hierarchical computing structure and the filtering is performed with large and optimized filtering kernels. GOP® mimics the human eye’s method of finding information and analyzing structures. With this method, we can separate objects from background based on texture. It’s a wholly unique – and truly groundbreaking – image processing method.



Our revolutionary GOP® technology is unique in its ability to separate true clinical structure from noise and artefacts. The difference is so remarkable, it’s like bringing things into a new level of focus.
The GOP® technology has been integrated into a wide range of medical imaging equipment.
Recently ContextVision has also released ultra fast algorithms for 3D/4D – also called volumetric – image enhancement. This allows doctors improved diagnostic value in 2D planes as well as in 3D rendering.