US PLUSView™ provides superior speckle reduction, edge enhancement, efficient line connectivity and higher grayscale contrast

Women’s Health

Thanks to excellent homogenization of soft tissue as well as greater contrast and edge enhancement, imaging professionals are able to better detect lesions in soft tissue during breast examinations. For more reliable fetus measurements, of a fetus, the women’s health package provides clear lines and edge conspicuity for greater diagnostic confidence.

General Imaging

The increased line connectivity and homogeneity featured in the general imaging package allow for easier detection of lesions and visualization of renal pyramids. Efficient grayscale contrast, edge enhancement and delineation of fluids facilitate diagnosis and allow precise structural assessments.


Higher grayscale contrast and superior edge enhancement provide sharper edges, allowing clinicians to easily view the heart valves and make accurate measurements. The cardiovascular package includes efficient speckle and noise reduction, making it easier to see calcifications and atherosclerosis in blood vessels.

Point of Care

Improved line connectivity and grayscale contrast enhance imaging on portable systems for musculoskeletal, nerve block and needle guide examinations. The point of care package automatically provides excellent image quality for less experienced ultrasound professionals.

Elements of the four packages include superior speckle reduction, edge enhancement, efficient line connectivity and higher grayscale contrast, enabling direct, focused enrichment of selected image features.


US PLUSView™ provides higher image quality in real time cardiovascular images

  • Superior edge enhancement
  • Excellent soft tissue differentiation
  • Great margin continuity
  • Efficient line connectivity
  • Clear lines and edge conspicuity
  • Great grayscale contrast
Technical benefits
  • Real-time image processing
  • Suitable for the entire range of ultrasound systems, from cartbased to handheld systems
Clinical Benifits
  • More well-defined structures
  • Visualization of fluids
  • Better lesion differentiation
  • Tissue homogenization

“Now I can see details, better outlines and improved texture.
This is the standard of tomorrow.”

– Ph.D. Anders Selbing, Prof. Emeritus, Karolinska University Hospital

GOPiCE 2.0 is designed for seamless integration in the OEM ultrasound system. The product is configured for optimal performance in each system, and ContextVision’s Application specialists will secure an optimized image quality according to the OEM’s specific requirements.

ContextVision’s experienced application engineers provide technical support and clinical expertise to optimize the image processing to ensure optimal image quality.