REALiCE®  is a volume enhancement and rendering package for 3D and 4D fetal volume visualization. Included in the package are:

  • GOPiCE® volume enhancement
  • 3D scan conversion
  • True-to-data rendering

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REALiCE®  provides outstanding image quality based on true-to-data rendering and 3D volume enhancement.s

With REALiCE, OEM manufacturers can deliver more realistic and reliable images to clinicians. REALiCE provides a new unique way of visualizing 3D/4D ultrasound images with improved image quality both in 3D/4D-rendered images and in MPR views, enabling a clearer image of the fetus. The unique combination of GOPiCE volume enhancement, scan conversion and rendering software results in high quality images comparable to photos. Integrated in the 3D Ultrasound System, it also improves reading of fetuses in pregnancy during all three trimesters. REALiCE provides unique views of the fetus such as photographic view, skeletal view and versatile surface rendering view

Clearer, in-depth visualization

The unique combination of advanced rendering together with GOPiCE volume enhancement provides improved edge visualization and deep tissue evaluation, critical for volumetric measurements. Adaptive 3D volume enhancement and true-to-data rendering combination help the clinician to see clearer delineation of size, position, shape and form. The adjustable rendering views – including lighting source controls, translucency, multiple color schemes and 3D volume enhancement tuning capabilities – allow for versatile, more accurate and reliable ultrasound imaging. REALiCE distinguishes between true information and artifacts such as noise and speckle. The software features sharpening of diagnostically significant structures while simultaneously suppressing noise and speckle. It is also individually optimized according to each OEM’s technical requirements, for top quality image results.

  • Unique combination of GOPiCE and versatile surface rendering
  • Photographic view
  • Skeletal view
  • Advanced cropping
  • High resolution visualization
  • Physically based and true-to-data rendering
Technical benefits
  • Adaptive volume enhancement 3D scan conversion
  • Real time volume processing (up to 10 volumes per second) for complete package
  • Extensive platform support
  • Unique rendering and volume enhancement according to preference
Clinical Benifits
  • Facilitates early diagnosis
  • Facilitates 3D measurements
  • Appealing images to parents
  • Greater delineation of size, position, shape and form
  • Superior visualization of subtle fetal brain defects and other fetal anomalies, e.g. cleft lip

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REALiCE® provides outstanding image quality based on true-to-data rendering and 3D volume enhancement.


“REALiCE provides superior visualization of subtle fetal brain defects and other fetal anomalies. Standard fetus measurements, such as fetal abdominal (AD), abdominal circumference (AC) and femur length (FL) become more accurate due to clearer imaging.”

– Ph.D. Anders Selbing, Prof. Emeritus, Karolinska University Hospital 

ContextVision’s experienced application engineers provide technical support and clinical expertise to optimize the image processing to ensure optimal image quality.