GOPiCE® 2.0


GOPiCE 2.0

With GOPiCE® 2.0 the rendered image is smoother and more realistic.

Advances within 3D/4D ultrasound are now pushed yet another step forward in image quality. The second generation of ContextVision’s unique 3D/4D image enhancement software provides the OEM with the best ultrasound image quality available today. By utilizing information from adjacent planes in the 3D stack, the GOPiCE® 2.0 software processes and delivers a clearer image than ever seen before.

The improved image quality of GOPiCE 2.0 is apparent in both 3D/4D-rendered images and MPR views, enabling a clear image with better tissue visualization, increased throughput and higher diagnostic value. The improved image quality allows non-specialized ultrasound users better performance.

The GOP algorithm, developed by ContextVision, is adaptive and mimics the human visual system in its method of finding image structures. The algorithm distinguishes between true information and artifacts such as noise and speckle. GOPiCE 2.0 therefore provides reliable improvement both in surface rendered images and MPR views, and is capable of sharpening diagnostically significant structures while simultaneously suppressing noise and speckle. Through increased homogeneity filtering, the product provides efficient speckle reduction with preserved details. The intelligent processing is based on image characteristics, enabling superior image quality throughout the whole image with near- and far-field filtering.

GOPiCE 2.0 is designed for seamless integration in the OEM ultrasound system. The product is configured for optimal performance in each system, and ContextVision’s Application specialists will secure an optimized image quality according to the OEM’s specific requirements.

The GOPiCE® 2.0 improved image quality is apparent both in 3D/4D-rendered images and in MPR views, enabling a clear image and increased throughput as well as better visualization of the tissue and improved diagnostic value.

GOPiCE 2.0 Kidney

The kidney image processed with GOPiCE® 2.0 shows greater contrast, more details, efficient noise reduction and clear borders.

  • Real 3D volume enhancement for ultrasound volumes
  • Optimized for different visualization techniques
  • New contrast module
  • Increased homogeneity filtering
  • Saturation control
  • Near-/far-field filtering
Technical benefits
  • Adaptive volume enhancement
  • Real time 3D volume enhancement
  • Extensive platform support (GPU)
Clinical Benifits
  • Excellent image quality in both rendered images and MPR views
  • Faster and more accurate diagnoses
  • Superior visibility in deep tissue

“Top quality throughout the whole image, even in deep tissue, is crucial for me to make fast and accurate diagnose.”

– Ph.D. Anders Selbing, Prof. Emeritus, Karolinska University Hospital

ContextVision’s experienced application engineers provide technical support and clinical expertise to optimize the image processing to ensure optimal image quality.