Magnetic Resonance Imaging

ContextVision’s market leading technology for MRI is an imaging enhancement product, easily embedded into any OEM software to enhance MRI images. It significantly reduces noise while simultaneously enhancing an image’s fine structure and edges, allowing the medical professional to separate true image information from false data. By increasing contrast, soft tissues – for example gray and white matter – can be separated more easily. GOPView® MRI2Plus enables a reduction in scan time and a higher patient throughput.

Today, more than 10 000 MRI scanners around the world rely on ContextVision’s image enhancement on a daily basis.

GOPView® MRI2Plus software has become the gold standard in image enhancement for MRI. It is a comprehensive image enhancement software, easily embedded into any OEM system. GOPView MRI significantly reduces noise and artefacts while at the same time enhancing fine structure and edges, and increasing contrast. Additionally, clinical studies have shown that GOPView MRI can reduce scan time by up to 30% with maintained image quality, thus allowing for more patients per day. GOPView MRI2Plus provides higher diagnostic confidence and opportunities for increased throughput.

Contextvision’s GOPView MRI2 runs on Windows family and Linux operating system.
MRI Head Angio
In low resolution
In high resolution

Product description GOPView MRI2Plus (pdf)

Product description GOPView MRI2Plus Russian (pdf)