GOPView® iRVUltra

GOPView® iRVUltra is the second generation of ContextVision’s image enhancing technology for interventional radiology. This system independent software is adaptable to multiple technical platforms and integrates into the OEM application with our software development kit (SDK).

GOPView iRVUltra has unprecedented success in reducing noise while enhancing fine structures and edges. This ultimately allows for significantly improved image quality while maintaining patient dose, or, alternatively, preserved image quality using a lower patient dose.

Initial studies have shown that image quality can be maintained while reducing dose levels by up to 50%. GOPView iRVUltra can be tuned for individual preferences by adjusting specific image processing parameters. Since the GOPView iRVUltra has an adaptive temporal filtering with advanced motion compensation, there is no temporal blurring or other artefact creation caused by multi-frame filtering. Dose reduction and increased image quality translate into reduced risk for both patients and medical staff.

  • Improved image quality without temporal blurring or artifacts
  • Reduced patient and personnel dose exposure
  • Adaptable to multiple technical platforms with ContextVision SDK
  • Fully customized to individual OEM:s

Product description GOPView iRVUltra (pdf)

Product description Russ GOPView iRVUltra (pdf)