GOPView® XR2Plus

GopView® XR2Plus taking X-Ray digital enhancement to the next level

GOPView XR2 Plus PA chest

PA CHEST. Excellent latitude compression allows for simultaneous depiction of both lung parenchyma and soft tissue. Fine lung vessels are well defined, also where overlapping the diaphragm. Outstanding noise suppression in the denser mediastinum.

Enhanced images are easier to review, creating improved diagnostic value and higher throughput.

The GOPView XR2Plus product works on X-ray data from Direct Radiography (DR), Computed Radiography (CR), CCD image capture devices etc. GOPView XR2Plus is detector and generator independent, easily integrated into your software and valuable in both specialized and general radiography. Embedding GOPView XR2Plus allows for effective latitude compression for viewing dark and bright areas simultaneously, contrast enhancement, edge and line enhancement as well as exceptional noise reduction, especially in areas of soft tissue. GOPView XR2Plus is designed to effectively handle metal implants without introducing artifacts, resulting in great diagnostic accuracy for these areas.

The adaptive noise suppression methodology analyzes each pixel in its context. Filtering and enhancement is then applied confidently knowing that true structures are accurately identified. Even in low-dose applications with a low signal-to-noise ratio, the capacity to adapt and tune the algorithm results in exceptionally consistent diagnostic image quality.

ContextVision brings to digital X-Ray a sophisticated adaptive technology for noise suppression, edge and contrast enhancement and effective dynamic latitude compression. GOPView XR2Plus provides fine structure depiction and reduced soft tissue noise, allowing for great visualization of different tissues and subtle pathology.

GOPView XR2Plus Hip implant

HIP WITH IMPLANT. Brings out the fine trabecular structures in the bone, without introducing artifacts around the implant. Simultaneously, good detail in soft tissue is shown.

  • Intelligent noise suppression
  • Superior edge and contrast enhancement
  • Effective latitude compression
Technical benefits
  • Detector independent solution
  • Customized for user preferences
  • Complementing add-on modules and tuning interfaces
Clinical Benifits
  • Great visualization of different tissues and subtle pathology
  • Adjustable for different looks depending on application/preference
  • Great robustness and reproducibility
  • Metal safe – no artifacts around metal implants

ContextVision’s experienced application engineers provide technical support and clinical expertise to optimize the image processing to ensure optimal image quality.