GOPView® XR2-T Tuning Family

GOPView® XR2-T Tuning Family for Digital X-Ray has always consisted of a basic tuning interface for OEMs: GOPView XR2-ST (Standard Tuning). Lately, there have been customer requests for improved control of the image processing parameters for optimal image quality. This has led to the second, more advanced product in this family, GOPView XR2-AT (Advanced Tuning). The XR2-AT requires specific training and education to achieve full fine-tuning capability at the OEM. Both the ST and the AT start from a default tuning position created by ContextVision’s application specialists. The difference between the two products is the level of adjustable parameters, with accompanied complexity and freedom of image taste.

GOPView XR2-ST has two components. The first is the tuning interface for the adaptive density identifier (ADi-T). It allows for automatic correction of over- and underexposures, with more robustness and less retakes. This component also controls collimator detection and optimizes grayscale visualization of the area of interest.

Designed for the new image enhancement tuner, GOPView XR2-ST allows for fine tuning control of the image processing parameters, meeting image quality requests from especially demanding users.

The second component is the classical image enhancement part, with two different modes: variation mode and feature mode. The variation mode creates a series of 8 image quality variations of the selected image as well as default quality. The variation mode is an interactive point-and-click procedure; by selecting one of the 8 created images, another 8 new variations are generated around it.

GOPView XR2-ST introduces a fantastic new way to adapt image quality to the different preferences in your markets. 

In the feature mode you can fine-tune the image by using sliders for 4 different features – latitude compression, contrast enhancement, edge and line sharpness and noise reduction. With these easy-to-use tools, you can create and save your own specific image quality parameter file for use with your own X-ray equipment.

GOPView XR2-AT is designed for the experienced tuner in mind, but is still a fine-tuning tool based on default parameters created by ContextVision’s application specialists. When the utmost in image quality is a critical issue, GOPView XR2-AT is the natural next step. Here, advanced tuning is more complex, but at the same time offers greater freedom and a new level of image quality for particularly demanding customers. While GOPView XR2-AT can become an indispensable tool, some practice is needed in order to reach that next level of image quality. Our application specialists will provide you with the necessary training in order for you to take full advantage of the GOP technology’s potential.

GOPView XR2-AT is an advanced fine-tuning tool for the experienced tuner who wants take image quality to a whole new level, satisfying the most demanding customers.

GOPView XR2-AT has two basic components: the adaptive density identification (ADi) function and the XR2 GOP tuning. In the ADi interface, the user is given full control over the parameters such as noise homogenization, LUT-modification as well as object and collimator detection etc. The ADi component is used as input for the XR2 GOP tuning component. The results from these components can be displayed separately.

The XR2 GOP tuning consists of an interface providing full control over parameters such as latitude compression, noise reduction, contrast enhancement and other key functions. Each of these parameters comes with a separate advanced user interface to allow for optimal settings.