GOPView<sup>®</sup> Vet is an image enhancement software specifically adapted for veterinary radiography. The GOP technology for veterinary applications within digital radiography is made possible through specially optimized processing parameters, designed to give the best possible visualization of animal X-rays. The broad spectrum of different anatomies in animals presents a great challenge – always delivering the correct image quality, regardless of the kind of animal being imaged. With its adaptive technoogy, GOPView VET concludes an adaptive data identifier (ADi) module, enabling extended exposure range while ensuring consistent image results. These image results feature better fine structure depiction and allow for better latitude compression, with improved simultaneous viewing of dark and bright areas. Moreover, contrast, line and edge enhancement work together to create an optimal image for the veterinarian.

The image processing effect on veterinary images is as important as any hardware specification.

GOPView VET enhances small animal and equine data with today’s latest hardware technology, such as data from direct radiography, computed radiography and CCD-technology. The image enhancement is easily integrated with any detector or generator. GOPView VET can also be used in low-dose applications, with lower signal to noise ratio (SNR), such as imaging without grid.

  • Improved diagnostic value and ultra high speed.
  • Possibility of significant dose reduction with maintained image quality.

Product description GOPView VET (pdf)