Digital X-Ray

ContextVision’s highly adaptive X-ray imaging technology offers superior noise suppression, edge and contrast enhancement and dynamic range compression. The results: improved fine structure depiction, less noise and eliminated metal implant artefacts. Clinicians are able to view images more easily, which in turn allows them to make faster and more accurate diagnoses. Within digital radiography, the GOP® technology reduces both patient exposure and the number of retakes.

Customer Adjustment Software

ContextVision has broad-based application experience, having developed a large number of commercial products, individually tailored to achieve optimal image quality. Automatic methods cannot replace the human eye; thanks to a flexible image analysis tool, fine adjustments can easily be made by the user in order to compensate for different preferences or screen characteristics.

As a partner, ContextVision can take responsibility for entire projects, from start to completion. We also provide OEM customers with fine-adjustment tools for full control of the image quality.


ContextVision continuously develops and offers new options for digital X-Ray, with customer convenience, safety and function in focus.

Faster and more accurate diagnosis resulting in less patient exposure