Anita Tollstadius
Tollstadius became CEO of ContextVision in September 2010, former member of the company board of directors. Tollstadius has held numerous management and organizational development roles in global businesses within life science during her thirty-year career. In addition to serving on the ContextVision board of directors between 2008 and 2010, Tollstadius has counseled other global medical technology companies on matters such as strategic marketing , communication, commercialization, product development and production. She holds a M.B.A. from the Stockholm School of Economics and a M.Sc. in Pharmacy from Uppsala University.

Anita Tollstadius owns 5 000 shares in the company, and another 10.000 shares through 100% owned Tollstadius & Co AB.


Martin Hedlund

Chief Technical Officer

Hedlund is one of the founders of ContextVision. He acquired his M.Sc. degree in Technology, followed by further studies and research in image processing and GOP® theory, at Linköping University. Hedlund was R&D and Local Manager in Linköping until 1999. Since then he has served as CTO, focusing on strategic product and business development.

He has also been a member of the Board of Directors since the company went public in 1997.

Hedlund owns 831,666 shares (10,7%) in ContextVision.


Ann-Charlotte Linderoth
Chief Financial Officer

Ann-Charlotte Linderoth holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Stockholm, and she has a 20-year career from different financial positions, mostly in the field of medical devices. Linderoth joined ContextVision in 2011 as Financial Officer, and took the new position from April 15, 2015.


Fredrik Palm

Vice President OEM Business

Palm, Vice President OEM Business, joined ContextVision in January 2012. Palm has 15 years of experience within international life science business. After many years at Waters Corporation, he moved on to several sales and marketing positions at medical device companies, focusing on international expansion. His experience covers international sales, marketing and business development as well as concepts for value based communication. Palm has complemented his engineer background with studies in business management and strategic marketing.


Eskil Larsson

Director of Product strategy

Larsson, Director of Product strategy, joined ContextVision in 2011. Larsson has 36 years of industrial experience, mainly from the medical field. He has been R&D Manager and Marketing Manager at Siemens-Elema AB as well as CEO at AF Industrial Technology and Novator AB. At Siemens-Elema he handled the transfer of Mammography from Germany to Sweden and the development of the new Mammography system. Larsson has an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and has taken several management courses.


Arto Järvinen

Director of Research & Development

Järvinen joined ContextVision in 2011, for the second time. He first joined the company in 1984, shortly after it was founded, having just majored in image processing at the Linköping and Stanford universities. Three years later, he left to work for the Swedish Attaché of Science and Technology in San Francisco. Since then, his career has included various management and consulting positions, such as management consultant at a global management consultancy, chief quality officer for a global PACS company and managing director for a medical device company. Järvinen’s expertise includes system development methods, operational excellence, medical device regulations and management of high-tech companies in general.


Lena Kajland Wilén

Director of Business Development

Kajland Wilén is Director of Business Development at ContextVision AB since February 2015. Kajland Wilén has 25 years of experience within international life science business. Her marketing and business expertise was excellenced during many years at Pharmacia Ophthalmics. Thereafter she headed the marketing function within Aerocrine AB for a decade and for MicroDose mammography within Philips Healthcare for a couple of years. Lately she has worked as a marketing and business development consultant. Kajland Wilén holds a Master in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology and a DIHM in Marketing economics from Business School IHM.